Ragnarok Radio review of Long Lost...

Published: 06/08/2009

'Long Lost…' is the first single to be released by Sunderland based artist Synoiz. The single is a preview of the upcoming album 'Ambients' and if these songs are an example of what is to come then the album will certainly live up to its name as each song is rich with its own ambient feel.

The title track begins with low organs and synths, ethereal drums are added to complete the nostalgic, yet foreboding atmosphere. Also included on the single is an 'Optimistic Mix' of the track which uses the original as a base and builds a new, more ‘up-beat’ drum line to give a completely different feel to the track.

For me the highlight of the single was the second track; The Esoteric Order of Dagon. This dark, threatening track gives the feel of a twisted ritual, indeed the track even contains Lovecraftian chants that become more distorted as the track goes on. If the deep baritone vocals of the chants are Synoiz himself then I hope to hear them used more often in future works.

My advice for listening to this single would be to lay back, close your eyes, get some good headphones and let the ambient tracks wash over you.

'Long Lost…' by Synoiz can be found on both amazon and iTunes.