Unscene Magazine review of Ambients

Published: 01/10/2010

Ambients is the debut album by Synoiz an instrumental electronica band. The debut album brings us some of the most haunting and atmospheric electronica I have heard in a long time. This album resonates with the lucidity of dreams and the dark awakening of nightmares. Each track is a vibrant representation of sound, a cascade of emotions able to bring forth a sound that is captivating and inspiring. Track 3 (The Open Sky) pushes forward the image of nightmarish synth and the constantly pulling drum beat which drags you further into the song. This album has so much to offer, ranging from penetrating synth, erotic beats and a tangible grasp of what is needed to make instrumental stay with you. Track 5 (Andromeda) has the feeling of flying, this song takes on a different tone from tracks such as (The Open Sky) instead of dark terrifying synth this song pulls more towards the bright side of synth, with its subtle yet confident drum beat and the ever present main theme which seems hypnotic in its presence brings to the middle of the album and then it all changes. Track 6 (Getting Safer) brings in 1980's synth pop style beats and a main theme reminiscent of Numan himself. The band have this ever varying sound that develops throughout the album, twisting and changing the mood of the album, keeping us interested and ever curious of what might be coming our way. Track 10 (Shock! Horror!) again drags us back to the beginning with samples of people crying, sobbing, a terrifying offering full of, stretched notes, distorted overdubs and a crackling effect that really sets the tone. This album really has brought a new view to the instrumental electronica scene, pushing away from simple synth pop sounds and instead throttling us with nuances of feeling and the idea that instrumental doesn't have to be simple or boring. This is a daring debut from Synoiz, bringing forth a fantastic mash of sounds that has so much to offer, this album is anything is a bold idea and a brilliant beginning which is well worth a listen.

Anth Williams