Avrupa review of Ambients

Published: 28/10/2009

The Arts│ Synoiz: Ambients

(published in "Avrupa" newspaper)

Ambient-electro style artist Synoiz, also known as Graeme Donaldson has created an eclectic compilation “Ambients” available for all to hear on the 31st October. Each soundtrack invites us to enter a new level of consciousness and mood; from the beautiful enchanting chime-like rings in the first track “Forest” to the terrifying wailing in number 10’s “Shock! Horror!”

Melancholy, enchantment, fear, and relief are only a few of the emotions one experiences when listening to “Ambients” as it offers up a roller coaster of emotions, a trickster if you will, inviting and coaxing us to enter the world of Synoiz, completely unaware of where it may take us. One minute we are gliding through an enchanting world where gong-like and flute-like melodies transport us into an idyll, but as with most idylls there are dangers lurking around the corner, and this sense of unease, even with the most comforting tracks, are noticeable.

There is a strong sense of other worldliness at all times, even when hearing everyday influences such as the clattering of metal bins. The many haunting elements present within these tracks could not appear at a more appropriate time, with Halloween looming around the corner and the days drawing shorter, one could even say that these tracks could accompany the many stories of Edgar Allan Poe. “Massive-Attack”-esque qualities of this album also shine through Synoiz’s experimental use of synthesizers making the album well worth giving a listen to.

“Ambients” includes the first single, “Long Lost...” and the new upcoming single, “Getting Safer.” To listen to a taster go to http://www.synoiz.net/ambients Ambients: available 31st October 2009.

Available on iTunes UK/US, Amazon MP3 UK/US and a free limited edition CD is available with digital purchase. For more information, go to http://www.synoiz.net/ambients/cd-offer