Side-Line Magazine review of Shock! Horror!

Published: 04/04/2011

Graeme Donaldson from Synoiz likes to bring his “Ambients” debut-CD back to life. “Shock! Horror!” is a new EP extract from the album. “Shock! Horror!” was one of the most noticeable cuts from the CD so the idea isn’t bad at all to put the song in the spotlight. Next to the dark, wafting and rather haunting experience of the ‘original’ cut we also get the “Sinister Mix”, which was announced as being inspired by John Carpenter. This is an interesting source of inspiration for this revisited song. I like the progression in the writing featuring a string rhythmic and spheres of darkness. The “Acoustic Edit” has been for sure an interesting experience for the artist, but the result is quite exciting as well. It all sounds like Synoiz tries to awaken a ghost. Last, but not least we also get a new track entitled “Indrid Cold”, which sounds pretty spooky as well. This song totally matches to the theme of the title song and is an adequate b-track. I think Synoiz must be ready now to work on a new opus!