Side-Line Magazine review of Ever Emptiness

Published: 20/05/2010

Graeme Donaldson is the man behind this English project, which a few months ago released its debut album (cf. “Ambients”). “Ever emptiness” is the 3rd (!) promotional single taken from this debut release. It proves that Synoiz doesn’t spare any effort in marketing and strategy to spread the name of the project all around. The style of Synoiz isn’t that easy to describe, but I think there’s no other way than ambient to clearly indicate how it all sounds. There where “Ambient” revealed an ambient style with different faces (and influences) this single is easier to catch. We get a pure electro ambient style leaded through a slow rhythm. “Ever Emptiness” sounds a bit like filling the gap between pure dark ambient and other (more new-age) atmospheric influences. Especially the “Silhouettes”-track brings a great apotheosis with empowering sounds and a kind of sonic explosion at the end of the track. I can’t say that Synoiz sounds as the most accomplished neither enlightening ambient style, but the project tries to create a personal approach that is enjoyable!