Side-Line Magazine review of Ambients

Published: 05/01/2010

Synoiz is the solo-project of Graeme Donaldson. This English electro artist here launches his auto-released debut album where he tries to catch the listener with electro-ambient atmospheres. It all sounds a bit like astral electronics when listening to a song like "Difontaine", but becomes much icier when going through the "Ever emptiness"-cut. This last track is quite soundtrack-like opening some real perspectives for Synoiz. The track is elaborated and meticulously refined by delicate sounds. It all sounds a bit like opening gate to darker creations. The last part of the album indeed explores darker ambient regions filled with mysterious moods. It definitely appeals for the visual power of the listener's imagination and is a fascinating experience. "Shock! Horror!", "Another World" and "Moonlit Streets" are enjoyable moments of ambient. "Darkling" comes up next adding an extra sensual element by its rhythmic. The "Rain In Tibet Mix by Anguaji" of "Andromeda" brings this album to a good end. "Ambients" sounds like an album with two faces and it's all up to the listener to feel to which one he feels closer. I've made my choice for the darker part of this album. Let's now see what the future will bring.