Side-Line Magazine review of Darkling

Published: 29/01/2013

Synoiz is back again and looks back on the debut CD “Ambients” released in 2009! Synoiz seems to be really fond of EP’s, “Darkling” being just one more to add on the list. “Darkling” was originally released on the “Ambients”-CD and has been exposed to the remix formula. The other songs left were previously released on “Ambients” as well and/or some previous EP’s. 

The “Synoizian Dance Edit” of the title song is a cool kick off featuring cool EBM sequences. This remix shows a different Synoiz and to be honest it’s a cool opener. There are other remixes of “Darkling” and I’ll start with the impressive “Pinklogik Remix”. The space-sound of the original version is present here, but I especially was impressed by the terrific sounds of this song. The “SKatterbrain Remix” is another noticeable one, which caught my attention for its great effects. But “Darkling” was also remixed in quite innovative ways. There’s the rather slow and a bit trip hop-minded “Interzone Inc’s Reality Dysfunction Mix” and next the more into dub-like “Endo Meso Pick N Mix”-version. I think it’s also a pretty good idea to have put the “Album Version” on this EP so you can compare the original song with the different remixes. 

Among the other songs/remixes left, I noticed a quite cool “Lunar Re/Mix by Anguaji” of “From You”. I have to admit most of the other tracks didn’t really impress me, “Darkling” being the best song to get remixed. 

I’m really wondering how Synoiz will move on. You can’t get back to the past eternally so a new album is really suitable, this EP serving as an excellent apotheosis to close the “Ambients”-chapter.