The cover of the Ever Emptiness single by Synoiz

Ever Emptiness About Ever Emptiness

Ever Emptiness is the third single to be taken from the debut album "Ambients" by Synoiz. This slow, sorrowful builder of a track forms one of the darker points of the album, an essential homage to artists like Nine Inch Nails and Akira Yamaoka and his work on the Silent Hill franchise.

Silhouettes About Silhouettes

Exclusive to the single release is the new track Silhouettes. Weighing in at exactly ten minutes, Silhouettes is more than just a B-Side. Taking its form as a journey through multiple movements at times uplifting, downbeat and melancholic, Silhouettes is the soundtrack to a film-noir as yet unwritten.

"When the fuzzy drums kick in it's probably the closest we get to industrial music and even when a piano does enter the fray it's there for juxtaposition. There is no hope to be found here - just the strangled choke of all joy dying."Music Is Dead

"[Ever Emptiness] is quite soundtrack-like opening some real perspectives for Synoiz. The track is elaborated and meticulously refined by delicate sounds. It all sounds a bit like opening a gate to darker creations."Side-Line Magazine

"Although Ever Emptiness is the title track of the single, to me the main focus is the ten minute Silhouettes which is almost another mini concept album wrapped up in one track with a mixture of all the expected Synoiz elements and a few new ones thrown in too."Ragnarok Radio

Press EnquiriesPress Enquiries

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Watch the Ever Emptiness music video

 An animation of selected shots from the Ever Emptiness music video

The new music video by 12 Ft Beast Productions is available to watch now. Following on from the two previous singles, we continue the tale of "the man" against the masked chiaroscuro.

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