Andromeda - Download a FREE 5-track EP to celebrate the release of the debut album Ambients

To celebrate the release of Synoiz's debut dark wave electronic music album "Ambients" we're offering you a sinister 5-track EP including a single mix of the fan-favourite "Andromeda" for free MP3 download.

Help spread the word about the free MP3 download of dark wave alternative electronic music by sharing the tracks with others and checking out the debut dark wave electronic and alternative ambient music album available now.

Andromeda 5-track alternative electronic dark wave EP from Synoiz


  1. Andromeda (Single Mix)
  2. Shock! Horror! (Sinister Mix)
  3. The Enfield Poltergeist
  4. Long Lost... (Extended Mix)
  5. Getting Safer (Ghostsmut's (per)Version) 
Synoiz creates alternative dark wave electronic ambient work that has been likened to both Depeche Mode, Akira Yamaoka work on Silent Hill and Nine Inch Nails as well as many gothic bands and general industrial groups